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Memali incident: I am tired of being the 'black sheep'

Former Deputy Prime Minister Tun Musa Hitam admitted that he was tired of being the black sheep in the Memali incident.

He said the situation was such that he had been held responsible for the incident which took place in November, 1985.

Speaking on the Obviously Harith Iskander show aired on Astro AWANI today, Musa recalled the incident as the most controversial in his political career where for 30 years he was labelled as a murderer.

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The truth was, he said, he was never given the chance to explain what really happened.

“People said Musa murdered people, in the excitement of politics. The Opposition went to town, to blame UMNO and Musa behind it.

“And my UMNO  so-called friends, they kept away. Musa is the naughty boy. This went on for 30 years. But, I was not allowed to explain,” he said.

Musa who was the then Home Minister when the Memali incident took place said he was blamed by the Opposition and was left to become the black sheep by his colleagues in UMNO.

That was why he chose to record what actually transpired in his book ‘Frankly Speaking', he added.

On  Nov 19, 1985, a police operation in Memali had resulted in the deaths of four policemen and 14 civilians.