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Obviously Harith Iskander: Premiere episode
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Obviously, Harith knows how to make a grand entrance!
The Obviously Hot Seats
"Welcome to Obviously Harith Iskander!"
#OHIDanceOff: Who has the better moves?
Tony Fernandes VS. Harith Iskander dance off
Tony finds Harith's statement amusing, obviously!
Tony Fernandes and Harith Iskander having a jolly time
The studio audience listened intently to the lighthearted banter between Tony and Harith
Tony VS. Harith: Survival of the fittest
Tony Fernandes, Jaclyn Victor and Harith Iskander playing 'Whacapella'
The house band of Obviously Harith Iskander
Undeniably a powerhouse singer
Jaclyn Victor put on a strong performance in OHI
The OHI team put on a great show!
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